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Full Version: [LIVE] zsnes && auto reload help
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*linux noob so beware*
Having a few issues with getting Zsnes running with Launcher.
My first problem is that even from command line i cant get zsnes to run.
i get a "could not set 1024x768-gl video mode"
i try a startx to bring up fluxbox and get "server is already running actice for display 0"
secondly i cant seem to get it running from launcher either.
is there a tut on how to use launcher with it?

and one last question.. when xbmc crashes to terminal is there a way to make it automaticly restart?

Thanks in advance
now that you have it working, least you can do is come back here and make mention of what you've learned in hopes others can benefit (it wouldn't hurt if you gave cred to whom ever helped you either Laugh)
as i read this message i am in the middle of writing a tut on how i got it working.

should be done in the next 10 mins. or so.

i keep getting distracted by all these roms.