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Full Version: tv scraping issue
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I just reinstalled xbmc. I was running live installed to a flash disk, now I did minimal ubuntu and xci script, with the 9.11 release.

Previously on my live install, I just pointed my tv directory to the library, and the scrapers picked up my shows, organized by tv show, season and episode.

Currently, when I point to the dv directory, i scans the whole thing to a show:
with seasons 1-4
and then episodes 1-xx

Not very super helpful.

Music is scanning ok, and movies are scanning and adding ok.

I've dumped the db a few times and tried different scrapers to no difference.

I have my old thumbnails and video db from my previous live install, though I'm wondering if i use that to quickly populate the tv library, that new stuff will scran/scrape to the strange 23 show/episode structure

Not sure what the difference is, but I imported my old library and now scans seem to organize correctly. seems odd that just kicking of an empty scan of a folder for several tv programs and seasons would glom everything together.