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Full Version: Photos question
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This skin along with the rapier skin are the best I've seen.

the ony thing I can't get quite right is the photos section. Is there anyway so that when you go into a folder it displays all the thumbnails onscren? I have tried flicking through all the views but none seem to do what I'm after.

Also, is there an easy way to get the mouse cursor to show as its tricky navigating without it.
In MiniMeedia Waffa! are 3 extra views but also there no wall view. Hides the background to much Big Grin

Save these images to the skin/media folder and your mouse will be visible.

Btw: These pointers are from confluence, You can take whatever you like just name the pictures like those up hereSmile
Thanks Waffa....just one other question, is there a slideshow option (have looked but can't find)
Yep, hit the playbutton to start slideshow.
See settings for panning/zooming options (ken burns effect)
Doh, spose this would be much easier on a remote......using PC with keyboard

Just added a few backgrounds from http://htbackdrops.com and I have to say the skin looks stunning
Keyboard......hit the "p" from play Wink
sorry waffa, should of said I worked that bit out....eventually....

Finally getting to grips with how everything works