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Full Version: Dude: Backdrop from Local?
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I download xbmc some months ago i am "modding" it now. Tongue

I see that you usually get backdrops with scrapers online, but i dont want this. I want to make a directory in my file system and load from there, if is possible that thing.

Can i do something like that?

I see the manual of xbmc and see a menu configuration that i dont have, ┬┐set content? Maybe in the new versions there isnt.

I can put without problems the poster icons to the movie but the backdrops no Sad.

Must have the backdrops in the movies directory?
With a extension special?
With a name special?

Sorry this newbie questions, and thantks for the response. Big Grin
Ok, finally i got it.

Was something stupid.

When i began months ago to configure xbmc, i only want to view some films...

U need to configure in the add folder (video for example) the set content properties to accept fan art, if u want to use internet or online, u need to configure here.

for offline with ur self fanarts only put:

now yes Big Grin

The thing i dont know, why u cant re-configure ur added folders? :S
you can do it!

just edit your source .