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Full Version: Change language but stay with English menu texts
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can I change Language so that everything language specific (date/time format, subtitle charset, dvd) is changed except menu texts, which I want to stay in English.

Thank you
what text ? which skin? which language? which version?

ppic Wrote:what text ? which skin? which language? which version?


Every text in the menu, settings, .... Any skin. Any language. Doesn't matter which version, can be the latest.

I will rephrase my question.

When you choose language in "System - Appearance - Settings - International - Language", XBMC will translate any text from English to that language (if translation exists) and also:
* display date/time and units (temperature, speed) according to the rules for that language
* choose subtitle charset for that language (so you can see non ANSI characters that exists in that language)
* choose dvd menu/audio/subtitle language
* etc ...

What I want is everything except translate part. I want English texts on the screen (because, often, I better understand English terminology than translations in my mother tongue), but everything else to be language specific.
ok, you can do that by editing your language xml to sweets your desire