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Full Version: Would like to add a blu Ray menu on the home page
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Is there a way to do this?

Not the main menu but the sub menu of Movies

and what exactly would it point too ? the bluray drive ? the one on the lower left should do that
Sorry my blu ray source on my server
Jezz_X Wrote:look here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65964
Jezz_X; thanks for the reference

Mrkennedy, you mention having a separate bluRay source
just in case any1 else is looking and has done it the same way as me
( where HD and SD stuff is all mixed together in 1 source )
just create a smart-playlist with type = movie & resolution > 480
then you can make a button for it using the other post

Thats what i'm looking for. Excellent (thanks Jezz for the link)

Now whats a smart-playlist?
Mrkennedy Wrote:Now whats a smart-playlist?

it will display anything that matches some condition(s)
... hence why its smart

go to the playlist area and select 'create smart playlist'
... there you'll see how it works & what can be done

there's also a fairly good write up in the wiki
Thanks zosky,

Where do you add the code? I've found the grouplist

<control type="grouplist" id="9010">
                    <control type="button" id="90101">
                    <control type="button" id="90102">
                    <control type="button" id="90103">
                    <control type="button" id="90104">
                    <control type="button" id="90105">
                    <control type="button" id="90106">
                    <control type="button" id="90107">

But don't fully understand where do i add a sub menu on movies, sorry if being dull this is the first time i'm using code and trying to get my head around it all.

you're on the right path grass-hopper Laugh
you can't break it ... well you can,
but thats why you made a back-up right

you're looking at the video's sub-menu
... you may want to add it here Huh
i dont use 'videos' (i prefer tv & movies)

hack, slash, save, reload, play
wash, rinse, repeat

hang in there and you'll get it just right

PS. one of the most helpfull tips is to map a key to XBMC.ReloadSkin ( i read that somewhere on here a while back)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>