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Full Version: XBMC as controller for UPNP renderer
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I was wondering if it is possible to use the XBMC as a controller for a UPNP based Music system.

Why would I want to do this - well I have all of my music ripped to FLAC and stored on my NAS - I then run Twonky to offer this as a streaming service to the network, and then play it out on a Linn DS music system which supports the UPNP stack - http://www.linn.co.uk/what_is_linn_ds - and offers true Hi-Fi quality.

The real problem with this setup is that the control points the have are utterly rubbish so I would like to run XBMC as the controller which I can display on my TV, and then reder the Audio streams to the Linn DS.

I see lots of posts about XBMC supporting UPNP but is is possible to do what I am trying to do, and split the contol and the media streams.

Many thanks, and keep up the great work?

Quote:Many thanks, and keep up the great work?
lol, nice question mark Smile

On to the issue, no currently we don't support that sadly. It's been on my todo list for some time, but been quite low prio. I would expect that at some point i'll add it, but unless somebody steps up an provides a patch for it it's probably going to take a long time.
i've been having some trouble recently attempting to access my windows media player upnp content through xbmc on the same computer. it works well enough, but it lags pretty terribly.
If you rip a CD on a PC CD drive is the resulting file as good quality as reading the CD on an upmarket CD player?

I'm a bit out of touch with the HiFi world these days, but as I recall CD players use all sorts of clever tricks to get the best out of the data on the CD, so even though a .flac file is lossless, playing it back though a Linn DS may not give as good quality as playing the CD directly on a Linn CD player.

This is really delving into a separate topic but its a topic I like. Big Grin

Depending on your drive and ripping software and the condition of the disc, you might not be getting bit-perfect rips but using EAC / accurate rip and a good drive, you'll get as good a result as possible.

I saw the Linn Klimax DS measured in Stereophile and it measured as good as their best CD player / DAC offerings (it better for the price). http://stereophile.com/digitalprocessors/308linn/
There are lots of other good options out there too.

I wish there was more high res audio offering out there, but Linn has some and so does HDtracks and others. https://www.hdtracks.com/
I'd love to have everything is 24 bit / 96 Khz FLAC files, for instance.

I'd love to see more of a focus on high end music reproduction via XBMC but don't know how much developer interest there is in such things.
Linn's view (and mine too, but I would say that since I have a DS) is that the DS is better for the money as there are no moving parts at all in a DS there is nothing to degrade the sound quality. Linn has just ceased the production of CD players and is investing solely in DS technology.
I too would love an XBMC controller for my linn DS. Since so much HiFi is moving to streaming (for good reason) this may bring in adopters to XBMC.

How large a coding project is this do you think?
Well, I've started. and it does start playback on a remote device. but it's not really in a committing shape yet Smile
Is there any progress on this? I sell some Linn products and would love to be able to recommend XBMC as a controller.
I'll add my vote again. This would be awesome!!!
I came across this thread while Googling for a way to do the exact same thing (a UPnP media centre that can act as a control point between a UPnP server and a Linn DS, or otherwise allow the Linn DS to be used as the renderer for music play back).

I'm currently a user of MediaPortal (using a skin cloned from the XBMC MediaStreamed), but it is taking a total rewrite of the code for them to switch to UPnP (a long-term project that likely will combine the control point and rendering functions as XBMC currently does). I keep a watchful eye on the development of XBMC and would certainly switch across if it would support high quality audio rendering.

I realise this isn't probably a high priority or feature in high demand (... yet), but I'll keep watching future XBMC developments with interest.
Dear Developers,

I would like to underline this request as I believe this is pritty much one of the last killer feature that is missing.
XBMC is already a dream for media in the living room, and with this feature XBMC would become a dream for media in the whole house!

What I am trying to do is, for example, have multiple DLNA-Speakers scattered in different rooms (e.g. Sony HomeShare) and to be able to select in XBMC (or an app on the smartphone) on which speakers the music shall play ("play to" device).
I know there are ways of doing this without xbmc, e.g. Airport, but this would require to build up a seperate network for audio and I really would love to have this all out of one box.

Could you give an indication if you intend to implement something like this? And if yes, when you think this would be feasible? If you could make this happen I think I will start to cry because of the hughe donation I would "need" to do Smile