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Full Version: Associate a file type
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Is there a way to associate a file type (Like MKV for example) with XBMC? I tried the obvious (Right click, open with, etc.) but that did not work. It would make me complete, if I could.

As always..... I searched and found no love for this topic. However, if my keyword choice was bad and this subject has been covered, then I apologize profoundly.

Thank you for all your hard work.

XBMC doesn't read file names from the command line. It's not designed just as a player but more as a media centre.

So, I will interpret that as no, you cannot. Sad day, today……
I almost had the MC of my dreams. Anyway, I believe that this function would make XBMC more of a "PC" program and let users be less diligent in where they save or download music, movies and more. Double click and it opens!
The point is that XBMC is the interface, not windows/ubuntu/osx. It's not designed to be a player - there are plenty of opensource players that do this for you.

With that said, it's not something we would refuse to incorporate, just something we personally don't have the inclination to implement ourselves.