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Full Version: Shoutcast?
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If Shoutcast support isn't possible would it be possible to add a "Playlist" option along with the current "Artist" "Songs" etc. ?
yes? no? maybe? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?
Sorry, you'll have to explain a little more what you mean by Shoutcast support. I personally don't use it and have no clue what it actually is.
It's simply streaming audio. In xbmc you can go into music using file mode and select Add source, Shoutcast will appear as a source. This will add all the shoutcast stations. I usually go to the stations I usually listen to independently and save them as a .pls standard playlist which xbmc recognizes. It would be awesome if the playlist option was added in music to enable playing them. In the past I've used the promixis net remote on my win mo device to control my media player but have recently changed to an android device. What you've done so far is really impressive and greatly appreciated.
Love 2 see Shoutcast support.
Using it alot.
+1 on that.
+1 more. I just registered to start a thread about SHOUTcast support, then I saw this thread Big Grin

I've been watching the progress on this project for a while - thanks for all the hard work!
thought XBMC always had Shoutcast? I used to use it alot but not recently... dont you just add it as a source? Huh
Geeba Wrote:thought XBMC always had Shoutcast? I used to use it alot but not recently... dont you just add it as a source? Huh

XBMC supports SHOUTcast & you can see the source on the Android XBMC Remote if you add it in XBMC but I think there are issues with displaying the genres & sending the SHOUTcast URLs back to the XBMC web interface.
It is possible to browse the genres using the android remote, but when clicking on one of them, the remote tools shows simply "Not folder".

+1 for Shoutcast support.
That would be perfect Smile
lol i didn't even know xbmc had shoutcast and why is it in a hidden place like add source and then under browse. It should be one of the default sources.
I agree EMKO, but the reason for this thread is to try to get the GREAT XBMC Android remote developers to consider support for Shoutcast. How bout it guys?
Bawk: You can create a ticket here.
Well it doesn't seem to be something seriously related to Shoutcast anyway. Looks like a bug in the filemode parser to me, Shoutcast or not.
Okay I've added support in r661. You can browse genres (by name), but you'll see only IDs instead of station names, because HTTP API returns only the path and no labels. I know that name and bitrate are crucial, but for that you'll have to wait until JSON-RPC is finished.
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