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Full Version: [LINUX] Local DVD Drive as Source
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Sorry for the noob question, but I'm buggered if I can figure out the correct setting to have my DVD Drive as a Video Source.

I've successfully setup directories as a source, and even a source to a myth:// backend.
Can't for the life of me figure the setting to allow it to connect to the DVD Drive.

I've tried /dev/sr0 and /dev/dvd, but XBMC complains that it cannot connect via the network.

If I click on the little play icon on the bottom left (default skin) - it plays the DVD
If I have the DVD auto-play when inserted - it plays too.

I just can't get it to be a Video Source.

Please help.

(Fedora12, i386)
Can this not be achieved?
::Jon:: Wrote:(Bump)
Can this not be achieved?

Did you try mounting the DVD drive either via command line or fstab?
Quote:Did you try mounting the DVD drive either via command line or fstab?
Yes, that works. There was an identical thread a week ago.
This other thread I just read was using a source path of udf://dev/sr0
I've since found the PLAY DISC option in the context menu.
I've also found that setting up a source iso9660:// and going into it, and seeing "VIDEO_TS", and trying to browse into that directory - plays the disc (not the prettiest solution, as I'm now playin "VIDEO_TS" - not DVD).

I just saw that other thread, and will try those suggestions too.