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Full Version: Live on usb with ATI card
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I have installed Live on a usbkey and its loading fine. Problem is when I go to watch a movie I get the audio but the screen is different shades of what may or may not be a "desktop". Its the same picture for all movies, just a few different shades of the same colour then as the file progresses its the same graphic with different shades of a different colour.

All of the thumb nails of files load correctly.

I have an ATI card and installed it by mounting the usbkey and running the install file but am unsure if it installed into Live correctly.

One of the underlying os's is Lucid Lynx which runs fine with a proprietory driver but I would prefer to boot off usb so its easier for the kids.

I've tried exiting XBMC and then running fglrxinfo but it throws the error "unable to open display".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.
What settings do you have the video set at?

You need to set it up to play with basic shaders or software when using an ATI GPU
Thank you so much. I have tested avi, mpg and vob and all are working.

Could you please let me know where I should have found this? I spent hours fiddling with graphics cards when this might have been the problem all along.

Once you have booted into XBMC goto the system page and select the video tab then scroll down to playback and then ensure the render method option is either software or Basic shaders (I have it as software) the default is Auto select which is no good... Hopefully this should fix it Smile