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Full Version: Need advise on obtaining the DVD flow info online
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Hi all

I am rather new to this however I did look into this some time back and if I recall there's a txt in info text that's stored in the file to allow the software to show all the art work etc and film info.

I am running this on a PC though I have folder.jpg cover art it's not quite the same. As such I don't know where to locate the file or what I do need to do with to make it work.

Any advise would be more than welcome as this seems like the way forward for my media centre ... (",)

Thanks in advance

Hi I seem to have found that the art that can be obtained using "Media Info Plus".

However I have found this a little buggy. As you can see I was getting in the Plot Outline "DIV" HTML TAGS.


You can resolve this by editing the following FILMNAME.nfo & movie.nfo in note pad, save each file restart XBMC and refresh.

Hope this helps people.
I never had this issue with mip, I suspect that something changed on IMDB or wherever it pulled its info from.