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Full Version: XBMC Live - Audio Only When I go to Command?
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Alright guys, I've searched around but haven't seen anything.

I have no audio inside XBMC, however when I hit ctrl+alt+F2 and go to the command screen the audio from whatever song or video I have playing in xbmc starts playing. When I Ctrl+Alt+F7 back in to XBMC, back to silence. I've fiddled with all the combinations inside the settings with XBMC Audio Out with no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated...
Ok, I have tried updating alsa, unmuted and muted almost everything in Alsamixer, I just don't understand why I have audio in the shell, but nothing inside XBMC GUI. ?? What's getting turned on/off in the switch?

I'm using the audio jack on the back of the mobo, not trying to get audio through HDMI or anything like that..
Bump up again... I have updated alsa to v1.0.22.1 in an attempt to fix this problem, still no luck, I'm assuming it's a setting inside XBMC now as I can listen to sound all day long from the command line. Anything else I can try?? Please, I'm about the throw this thing in the trash...