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Full Version: XBMC and digital audio (Pulseaudio & passthrough)
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PLEASE DELETE: another thread of the same issue has just been bumped!

XBMC seems to play 3 types of sounds
  • Navigation sounds (menu clicks etc.)
  • Main audio output (music/video)
  • Passthrough (DD/dts movies)

It's possible to get in the state with seemingly random sound 'types' just stop working. I've had digital passthrough working but no menu clicks and vice versa with seemingly no logic as to why.

XBMC settings;

Audio output: Digital
Audio output device: default
Passthrough output device: iec958

Ubuntu (Lucid) sound applet;

Hardware profile: Digital Output (Duplex IEC958)

I have menu clicks and general audio output (music). When playing a move with dolby bitstream, looking in the log file it seems XBMC tries to open the Alsa iec958 device directly which fails as the device is in use (by Pulseaudio)

Ok so I go into the Ubuntu sound applet and change the hardware profile to 'Analog Stereo', the movie now plays with digital passthrough in XBMC but menu noises have gone yet music still plays via the digital connection. It seems menu clicks adhere to the Sound Applets setting but general non-passthrough audio like music doesn't (instead using the XBMC's Audio output device setting)

It gets weirder. I then go back into the applet, change it back to digital without re-booting and now ALL types of sound are working!?? Menu clicks, music and digital passthrough.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks