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Full Version: gnome-screensaver
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I know this is pretty much what no-one else wants I know, but I'll ask anyway.
There used to be a "bug" in linux xbmc which meant that gnome-screensaver would kick in whilst xbmc was running. This got fixed, but I actually want it that way round. I run xbmc in windowed mode to listen to music only. My box is connected to a FM transmitter and I use the iphone xbmc remote app to control it and listen to music all over the house.
When xbmc is not playing stuff, I want it to still run anyway, in case I want to start playing music.
In this case I want the gnome-screensaver to actually kick in because I'm not actually in front of the PC where it's running.
Is it possible to have this "bug" returned, perhaps with a command-line switch?
Is it possible by some setting of the screensaver mode within xbmc?
no ideas?