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Full Version: Web page remote control - bug with last.fm streams
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Hello friends
I've noticed problems using the web remote control page to control the stream from Last.fm. When I press the skip forward button ( >>| ) from the web page, the one that fires URL http://myServer:8080/xbmcCmds/xbmcForm?command=next, it doesn't skip. It kills the stream. I then have to press Play (URL to bring up the next song.

On the other hand, the skip button on the main interface does skip, and the web button does skip when playing things other than the last.fm stream.

I think this is a bug.

Does anyone have further information, perhaps some tips on how to go about reporting this to the right people.

As an IT professional and hobbiest web developer, I'm interested in helping make this web page better (for example, put 'now playing' info on it).