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Full Version: keymap for xbox dvd remote in osx
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hello im trying to set up my xbox dvd remote to work in xbmc and then hopefully boxee as well. Ive done it with game pad companion, but i was hoping to get a working keymap so that i dont have to go through that. buttons 7,8,&,9 are all combined with game pad companion. i downloaded someone elses key map in this post, <http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=70148&highlight=%5BMAC%5D+Configuring+Xbox+DVD+Remote+mac>
but the buttons were not assighned correctly. you would think that this remote would be suported out of the box since it was the first remote to be used on xbmc. So if anybody has had any luck getting this remote working and or has a working keymap please share the love. thanks