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Full Version: New IMDB Scraper Errors
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I just updated my scrapers to the ones in the latest t3ch build of XBMC, and I'm having some trouble. I originally updated so I might get fanart to work [my previous IMDB scraper didn't even have any mention of TMDB!]. However, now, when I try to refresh & reload movie info using IMDB, it doesn't get movie posters or fanart, and the descriptions of all the movies cut off after a sentence or two, and end with "Fullsummarynbsp;raquo;". I also tried running the scan with the TMDB scraper [another thing that was not originally included with my installed t3ch build Rolleyes ], and while it didn't give me the weird summary error, it still didn't get any movie posters or fanart. What could be the problem? Luckily, I saved my old IMDB scraper files, so I can just go back to those in the meantime.

Also, here is my error log:

Your log is not a debug log, so doesn't really say a lot. And I just tried scraping Secondhand Lions with TMDB scraper and it worked perfectly, getting thumbs and fanart. I suggest you take your query to the support forum.
next one that posts help requests in the dev forum i will outright ban! i'm tired of moving several threads a day.