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Full Version: [BUGS] and missing items
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Well looks you caught a few.

1. I finally have a new idea for that 16x9 view, but I'll touch those errors up in the meantime.


Thats a tough one, I was waiting a particular trac so I could bottom align a textbox. I guess I could maybe use different visible if flags are enabled...
A switch off pc is missing Big Grin
jclsm Wrote:A switch off pc is missing Big Grin

It's desiabled in the settings. Untick the "Shutdown" menu item.
press s and move to shutdown a huge shutdown menu is not necessary.
1slimm31 Wrote:Recently added tv show fanart is showing ?. All fanart, extrafanart, extra thumbs, everything else shows fine. Just recently added tv show fanart not showing. Any thoughts?

Were you talking on Home or the actual "Recently Added" node or something else?
Yes on home. when selecting the episodes it just shows the big ?. In all other views like inside the actual Tv Show directory the fanart shows just fine. And the movie view on home for recently added has its fanart show up fine as well.
not a bug, but excessive information in viewtype_fanart season level the season is displayed both under logo and on the season text line.
zwat Wrote:not a bug, but excessive information in viewtype_fanart season level the season is displayed both under logo and on the season text line.

You're right, should just be episode level...
another overlapping: (And the ":Album"-part is cropped off)

bug\missing: viewtype_poster missing the show\hide info lable.
i have overlapping in movie info..

That is one weird poster ratio, I would assume I'd get that type of result on old 4:3 TV episode image but everything fits so far - 16x9,4x3, and Movie posters. If you can post that "9" poster image or dimensions...

BTW, what thats font it looks cool...
The font is called futuslab, found it on a free true type font page. And i havent changed any dimensions on the images, its weird though. When not in fullscreen it shows properly, when i switch to full screen the image stretches and covers the text.
Oh ok, so what your Monitor/TV resolution when you are in Fullscreen?
Its 1080p but i found it. It was some weird settings with the calibration. it was overstretched.

For the fonts im using a combination of 3.
D3Euronism_i.ttf - for titles of the shows, movies, and the timeline
Futuslab.ttf - for info
boyczs_.ttf - for the various stuff

Here are some examples. Dont mind the orange, have a large tv and needed something lighter on the eyes than all that white. I also changed home so that unless its selected its mostly transparent. Smile