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Full Version: Lucid, XBMC, Nvidia Restricted and Framebuffer Woes
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After installing Nvidia drivers from the FTP site on Ubuntu Lucid, booting is so temperamental. Sometimes it freezes at a crappy splash screen, a flashing cursor or actually completes booting. Its a problem thats going on for a while, now I want to fix it.

So I heard about a fix that would fix that by adding framebuffer=y to splash.conf.
While that did solve my booting problems, XBMC now complains about xbmc needing an appropriate graphics driver which I know is installed because Xserver loads up fine.

Anyone know a fix to get me back in to XBMC?
I have XBMC running quite fine on a minimal lucid install with the nvidia-current from the ppa, just had to manually apt-get libvdpau
Yeah, I'm now using the drivers from xswat seems to be ok now.
Damn it its happening again. Even with the drivers from PPA and FRAMEBUFFER=y Ubuntu always freezes at the splash screen. If I remove the HDMI cable and reboot, its fine but im left with no display..
Must be a problem with your setup man. Happily running Lucid AMD64 + PPA Nvidia driver on a 9400GT. Stable like a rock.

Yeah, I'll start from scratch and instead install a PPA driver rather than a package from Nvidia. At least I won't have to re-install the driver every kernel upgrade.
you sure it crashes? with my installation, sometimes the boot animation is running forever and no XBMC, but I can SSH into the system and do a "sudo init 3"
after that, XBMC starts immediately
I'm having this same problem. It just stays on the Ubuntu splash screen but I can ssh in and start xbmc. Has anyone found a fix for this?