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Full Version: Online radio
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My favorite radio don't play on FM in my area but they provide the shown online and I can hear it from Firefox.

Is it possible to listen to a online radio directly from XBMC interface? I don't have any use for browsing internet from XBMC so have no need for Firefox (but is installed).

Link to radio is:
Create a file named "Bandit.strm" or what you like, then use notepad to add the following line to it.

This is great Blittan. Using your link I can stream directly from my VLC and don't have to open their web page but how do I use this file within XBMC? Is a specific plugin required?
Sweet, it works now Smile
I had file made as suggested by #2 but couldn't get it loaded by XBMC before reading wiki mentioned by #4.

Thanks again.
I have written a plugin for banditrock
(it is a modification of the Radio Bob mad max )

Instructions for Installation and Screenshots -> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board60-linux/b...bandit-se/

Code: ---> https://github.com/Moorviper/XBMC-Bandit-Rock-Web-Radio