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Full Version: Asiandb scraper issue
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Hi, I've been looking everywhere without finding anything about my problem.
I have a folder with asian movies and I want to add them using the asiandb scraper, but it can't find me anything. If I'm using an other scraper it works and can find some movies (but often with incomplete informations, fan-art missing, etc..). If I'm going on asiandb website I can see every movie I have on my folder, so why can't I find them using the asiandb scraper Sad.

I didn't edit anything to the scraper, it's the original I got when installing xbmc.

I really hope someone can help me about this.
Nobody ?
I'm still trying to solve my problem.
Here a part of my log :

23:51:49 T:888 M:4202147840 ERROR: CIMDB:Tonguerocess: Error looking up movie Fly Daddy Fly.avi
23:51:53 T:5692 M:4202713088 ERROR: CIMDB:Tonguerocess: Error looking up movie Fly Daddy Fly

If I enter the exact same name on asiandb.com (Fly Daddy Fly) it find me the movie. This is just an exemple, it doesn't work with any movie I have.