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Full Version: Shutdown timer via a button
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I have a shutdown option on Home couple people have asked for a shutdown timer as a submenu.

I didn't see that option in any other skins, and by the looks of it, closest I can come it to activate SettingsCategory.xml, is that correct?
is this what you're looking for?
Thx as always...
no worries, the code can be found in DialogButtonMenu.xml

in case you also want an option to reset the shutdown timer:

also, i seem to remember the extra brackets are not needed, so you might as well use:
Thx again...To take it one step farther could a visible be set for the cancel button? Like:

<visible>alarm clock is set</visible>
ronie Wrote:no worries, the code can be found in DialogButtonMenu.xml

And then there is always http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=List_of_Built_In_Functions

Quote:AlarmClock(name,command,time[,silent]) Pops up a dialog asking for the length of time for the alarm (unless the parameter time is specified), and starts a timer. When the timer runs out, it'll execute the built-in command (the parameter command) if it is specified, otherwise it'll pop up an alarm notice. Set silent to true to hide the alarm notification.

Quote:CancelAlarm(name) Cancel a running alarm

and http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=List_of_Boolean_Conditions
Quote:System.HasAlarm(alarm) Returns true if the system has the ?alarm? alarm set.
Quote:System.AlarmLessOrEqual(alarmname,seconds) Returns true if the alarm with ?alarmname? has less or equal to ?seconds? left. Standard use would be system.alarmlessorequal(shutdowntimer,119), which would return true when the shutdowntimer has less then 2 minutes left.