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Full Version: [HELP] Context menu positioning
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I recently upgraded to r27711 so I could test a few new features and I noticed that it throws my animation on my context menu's off. It has a zoom animation that has always brought the menu in straight with all other revisions. Now the zoom comes on side ways.

I began to mess around with it and I could not seem to get it correct in all windows, which made me wonder why it shows up in different spot on different views. Sometimes it comes to the center and other times it will be off to the side. Is there a way to make it come up in the center of every window or is it based on something?

Thanks for any help. I am really not sure why that revision would make the animation code not work as it always has since Aeon came out. I tested out some older versions of Aeon as well to see if it was just a change that I did, but they all had broken animation.
It's alignment is based on the pos/size of the control being used but you can overcome this by using the following code -

PHP Code:
origin x="0" y="0" />
Sounds good. I will give it a try. I think I would just prefer to have it pop up dead center in every view to avoid future problems with it.

Still strange that the revision broke the current animation code of it though.

Thanks for the help Hitcher!
ekim232 Wrote:Still strange that the revision broke the current animation code of it though.

it's not like they didn't warn you ;-)
Thanks Ronie

I really got to keep up on those trac tickets like I used to.

Just so I am clear, this is a committed change, so I can assume any rework I do will not be wasted?
i had to change the context menu in T! too when this change was committed.
basically i had the same issues as you are having now.

as far as i know, nothings changed since then.