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Full Version: Update Library not detecting new TV Shows
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When I try to update the library its seems to skip my TV shows that haven't been scanned yet. Anyone else an issue with this?
Ok here's the debug log of me updating the library and I want to add that it will find the shows if I go back to files view mode and then highlight the TV show source and then select "scan for new content".

Can we get a Dev to look at this please
What is the directory name with the problem?
Source and directory names respectively are called "TV Shows". I know this issue goes a long way back as I don't remember when this actually worked.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've seen it as well - one workaround I think is instead of storing the files in:

TV Show 1\Season 1
TV Show 1\Season 2

is to copy all files directly into

TV Show 1

and that might work..

XBMC will scan those properly into episodes in Season 1, 2, etc if you go and view them through Library or TV Shows entry (if your skin has one).

Or alternatively if you want to keep the files in the same structure, see the section below for Custom Directory Structure, although I haven't tried it yet, might be a better solution...