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Full Version: Is there a wiki page on hard coded language strings
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Like sometimes I see in others skins:




but in strings.xml those numbers are nowhere to be found. I have a feeling I'm duplicating some strings that I do not need because they are hard coded...

Thx, for any replies
nothing should be hardcoded they should all be in here
if they are not then its an error or they probably got removed at some point
Ugh...I gotta clean up 60% of my strings. Thx, though
I like to keep the skin's strings.xml as well as XBMC's strings.xml both open in a Notepad++ window when developing so if I need to use a string I can easily search XBMC's then either search for it in the skin's or add it if needed. Makes skinning easier.

Tip: If you happen to use Notepad++ for developing, you can actually get side-by-side editing panes by right clicking the tab and selecting 'Move to Other View'. Useful for what I mentioned above.