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Full Version: Acer Revo HD Audio Playback
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Help. I'm losing my mind and I'm about ready to chuck this thing in the ocean.

I've got An acer revo 1600 with 2gb of ram. I've installed XBMC live onto the HD and have windows 7 installed as the other OS I can install into.

The latest pain is that HD audio does not work. I have gone through the guides and made sure its setup. It's either choppy or it sounds like he various sound channels are off. (have to turn it up ridiculously high voices are low, nothing seems "mixed")

The PC is going into the TV via HDMI, and then out via optical cable to my Onkyo. The audio inpit and passthrough is set to HDMI.

Regular videos work fine.

Any ideas? What info can i provide that will assist someone in helping me?
I had this with my REVO.

Check out the latest nightly builds with DVXA support. Helps immensely!


Make sure your HD Audio Drivers are installed correctly!