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Full Version: Slow Interface?
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So, I have a 3.6Ghz P4
2 gig's RAM
ATI Fire GL V3100 with 128 Meg's RAM
Ubuntu 10.04
I just downloaded the XBMC and Ubuntu files today, so I assume they are the newest stable versions.

The XBMC interface is very laggy and slow. (even at 1024x768 it's pretty bad)
I read through this forum and others, and can't seem to get a correct video driver installed and working (I am no linux expert by any means).

I downloaded the ATI FireGL driver for Linux from ATI's site, but when I run the install file, it does some stuff, then just stops/goes away. Doesn't seem to have installed anything at all. I ran it by simply double clicking it.
If I go to the Hardware Drivers section, it doesn't show any installed. And XBMC system doesn't show any ATI video card info either.

Please help me O' expert's of XBMC/Ubuntu/ATI
I also have an ATI 8964 (ATI Radeon X600Huh?) that I can stick in it instead of the FireGL V3100 if that would be better. But I know the V3100 worked before, and I thought it was a better card. I remember before I started this XBMC Ubuntu build, I had an older 8x ver of Ubuntu on the machine with the same V3100 card in it, and all the awesome menu effects and graphics and 3d desktop switching, etc worked flawlessly in Ubuntu. I just don't remember how I got it working. Sad
Something to do with manually configuring a driver or some xorg stuff if I recall...