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Full Version: conditional visibility for posters/banners
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I know you guys have lots of things to do right now, so consider this as just a question about a possibility/feasibility for the moment. If this would be an option I'll make a trac ticket for future development.

Skinners have lots of possibilities to incorporate things as fanart, posters and banners.
Different users have different preferences with regards to posters or wide banners for tvshows. So, it's always good to provide support for both types.

I prefer not to make specific viewtypes for either type of art. Someone who uses posters is confronted with a banner viewtype or vice versa. Both will look terrible.

Of course it's not a big deal to create a skin setting that enables either one and disables those not suited for the chosen art type through conditional visibility.
Except XBMC's scraper already registers the user's choice in the content settings dialog.
I think it would be good if skinners can take advantage of this setting and use it to set up the conditional visibility. Also it makes sense from a user's perspective (why express the same preference in two places?)

So to make a long story short: is there any chance of making the user setting "prefer banners" in the content settings dialog available to the skinning engine as a conditional visibility option?
The trouble a lot of people don't even know about the 'Prefer Posters' option in the first place.
Kinda related to this is a wish having the possibility to support both posters and banners. As far as I can tell you can only have either one of each show? Either banner OR posters? I'd like the scraper(s) to download both, name seperatly and then have what you wish for above.

So this is my post to second your suggestion ^^
Agreed - the better solution is to have both and for XBMC to allow both. Unfortunately this isn't supported as yet and likely won't be until the video thumbs are cleaned up to use the thumbcache (i.e. after Dharma).

Allright, assuming in that case there will be two separate infolabels for both types, that would be even better Wink
Jonathan: is allowing both art types a planned feature or will it be useful if I make a trac ticket for it?

edit: ticket added
Planned feature - no reason why a trac ticket couldn't be created though to ensure we don't forget. Please cc me Smile

Are only Posters and Banners planned then?

I ask because more skins are also using Landscape (Fanart aspect images) as well these days.
when added, i'm 97% certain we'll do it in a general way to support any number of thumb types.
that means Cleartitles and Cleararts too ?
(png files I mean)
spiff Wrote:when added, i'm 97% certain we'll do it in a general way to support any number of thumb types.

That's great news, thanks.
spiff Wrote:when added, i'm 97% certain we'll do it in a general way to support any number of thumb types.

Love this news!!
me too :-)