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Full Version: Having problems please help
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So, I decided to set up my xbox with the XBMCID previously used AID4.20. I downloaded XBMCID from here, made the disk just like I would with Auto Installer. I added everything like I was suppossed to, but when I put the disk in the XBox there was 2 sections for the skins, on the main menu and in skins menu, furhtermore the skins I wouldn't install because of an error. Where did I go wrong.

I was also wondering if I would be able to add the aid's xdk pack update for aid 4, to the xbmc installer.

Thank you for your help. Most of all THANKS FOR XBMC.
Things to remember next time creating an installer disk always tick verify and write speed 4x. and yes on the second part. lol
Ah thanks man that works great now.