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Full Version: Asrock ION330 - No sound from speakers
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I installed XMBC Live onto the my ion330 and it loaded fine. I can get audio through HDMI on the tv, but when I plug in speakers or headphones to the green audio jack I don't get any sound.

I've tried the sound settings in XMBC.
I've tried opening the alsa mixer and all of them are 100 except the iec958 (which can't be changed).
I also tried speaker-test -c2 and I couldn't hear anything.

I'm starting to wonder if the onboard sound is damaged/not working... but would HDMI audio still work if it's an onboard sound issue? Although, I do hear a beep through the speakers when the system boots up.

I would rather audio from my speakers rather than through HDMI on the tv. Any help trying to get the speakers working would be appreciated. Thanks.
The jacks on the back are analogue outs to an amp there not for speakers directly

You should do a search as there's loads of info on this box including getting audio over hdmi

For example

ahhh, that would explain it then. Thanks for the info.