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Full Version: No stacked option in the video section
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Didnt quite know how to specify my problem, but in my "Video" section, i have different dvd images that cant be scraped.

The problem is, that i have an img file, contained within a folder. Is it possible to play this dvd image directly by pressing the folder?

Right now, i have to press the folder, and execute the img file?

I could extract the img file, but i have several of these images... os there a way around this?

What to do.. Smile
use the library.
Alternative, if its the only image file in the folder, you can use the PLAY action on the folder and it'll play. That action is mapped to 'p' on the keyboard by default.

Hmm... You're argument is one I posed a long while back. Extending it to the most general case ... if there's only a single video in a folder, and stacking is enabled, why not stack that folder down into the playable entity? This is fundamentally no different than what happens for archives containing a single media file. I just looked and my note in the Stack() code asking this is still there!
Spiff: Yeah, but i dont want to mix them up with my movies (which are in library).

Ill try out that play feature.. but its just not the same as just pressing the folder and bam!! it plays.