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Full Version: I need some help with fixedlist visiblity problem
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I have a viewtype with a fixedlist control. I would like like the unfocused list items to disappear after 5 seconds of no movement, and reappear again when the user moves up or down the list. I'm using a fade animation on <itemlayout> but I can't get it to appear properly again when there is movement. Anybody have any ideas the best way to go about this?

PHP Code:
<animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="400" delay="2800" condition="Container.Content(movies) + ![Container(50).OnNext | Container(50).OnPrevious]">Conditional</animation

might not be exactly 5 seconds but the effect is the same
You're a legend, it works! I spent ages trying to get the right combinationSad
Here's another question. I have <onright> on the fixedlist set as follows:


However it always displays info for the same movie no matter which list item I am on. Is there a reason for this?
What build you on? I'm on 30621 and get that same behavior...I swear I used that code before and it worked as you expect
Build 30655

It's strange, if I bring up 'info' by holding play on the apple remote it displays the correct data for the currently listed movie. If I press <right> to open the same window as per my code, it displays the same movie everytime.
If you need 5 seconds exaclty the delay should be 5000. The delay uses milliseconds and as there is 1000 milliseconds to a second...yeah.