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Full Version: Recently added using <icon> and <thumb> issues
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I am trying to get recently added fanart to transition smoothly. I figured that out by adding <thumb>$INFO[Window.Property(LatestMovie.1.Fanart)]</thumb> to the item section. Then referencing that in a multiimage like so - <imagepath background="true">$INFO[Container(8000).ListItem.Thumb]</imagepath>

But now my $INFO[ListItem.Icon] seems to be pulling from the <thumb> tag like the image below. Items 1-4 have the thumb tag but #5 doesn't.


Any suggestions?
Easy my dear Watson. Has number 5 actually got fan art downloaded? Or does it do it with every number 5?

If you are doing something like 1 to 5 anywhere, try changing that to 0 to 6 always remember from my brief spell that sometimes worked.

P.S I actually prefer the box covers, rather than fanart but that's just my view.
you can't use both listitem.icon and listitem.thumb.
one will always override the other.

what you need to do instead is use a listitem property:
<item id="1">
    <property name="FanartImage">$INFO[Window.Property(LatestMovie.1.Fanart)]</property>

and for your fanart image:
<control type="largeimage">
    <texture background="true">$INFO[Container([i][b]id[/b][/i]).ListItem.Property(FanartImage)]</texture>

the ability to add custom properties to static lists was added not that long ago,
so don't expect this to work on 9.11 Camelot.
Cool, nice info ronie Smile
I'm glad ronie keeps up with the skinning engine additions. Wink
Yep worked perfectly, thanks Ronie

Looks like you have to be above 26935, added about 4 months ago, for it to work...
ListItem.ActualIcon may be somewhat simpler?
don't think one can use <actualicon>$INFO[foo]</actualicon> within the <item> section of a static list?

didn't work on my end anyway...
JM's way also works:


Then inside my list I use $INFO[ListItem.ActualIcon]

And my largeimage I use $INFO[Container(8000).ListItem.Thumb]
mcborzu Wrote:JM's way also works:

Then inside my list I use $INFO[ListItem.ActualIcon]

And my largeimage I use $INFO[Container(8000).ListItem.Thumb]

it's indeed easier that way...heck, i may even use it myself ;-)
To summarize:

ListItem.Thumb returns the thumb.
ListItem.ActualIcon returns the icon.
ListItem.Icon returns the thumb if it is non-empty (note: this is not the same as not existing), else the icon. Useful for the fallback stuff on Confluence homepage for instance.