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Full Version: Dropping Frames @ 720p?
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Hey, I just reinstalled my xbmc box, my homeserver and changed from wired network to 802.11n, so it might be kind of hard to find the problem here...
Anyways, I noticed that my xbmc box drops lots of frames when doing 720p... The hardware is strong enough, so this really shouldn't be the case!
Here's the debug log
Can anyone help me with this?

13:06:54 T:2765007728 M:1054330880 WARNING: Decode - avcodec_decode_video didn't consume the full packet. size: 6773, consumed: 0
These are quite common, why do I get them?
Well, with a cutoff log and no hardware info I'm going to guess that it's evil spirits. You need a priest to preform an exercism on your hardware.

Read this
are the hd video in the same hdd as the xbmc box? or at least connected to the same xbmc box?

if u run hd video files over the network, it will be dependent also on the reliability of your network hardware such as switches, wifi, etc.

if u stream over wifi, make sure that u try other channels other than the usual 1,6,11.

i always use channel 3 and 9 to avoid interference with the default 1,6,11 set on almost all wifi routers.