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Full Version: [Live] Can not "see" hard drives with media - Help
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I am considering using XBMC Live and started playing with it. I loaded it on a USB drive for testing purposes and my end goal will be to load it on the hard drive and make this system more of an "appliance".

I have a PC with 2 1TB hard drives currently. 1 has the OS and applications and the other is completely for media.

When I run XBMC Live off of the USB drive go to video's and "add location" I can not access the other hard drive with media. (it does not show up anywhere)

Can someone point me in the right direction as most of what I see on the forums has to do with SMB shares not showing up and I have not gotten to that challenge yet Smile

Thanks in advance,
live won't mount any local drives as long as you don't explicitly tell it to do so

Thanks!!! It appears that it might be safer to remove the local drives and put them in another machine on the network (i.e WHS) and us smb shares. Is that correct?
Shouldnt be necessary at all. If you are concerned about auto mounting them just permanently mount them in fstab.