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Full Version: Problem filling movie and tv shows database
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I just installed the svn release: SVN:30319
Platform: Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 2.6.32-22-generic i686).

The problem I have, is that the database is not being filled with movie information.

I've setup the advancedsettings file, see part of the xbmc.log:
12:14:50 T:3077654400 M:1979305984 NOTICE: Loaded advancedsettings.xml from special://profile/advancedsettings.xml

NOTICE: Contents of special://profile/advancedsettings.xml are...
WARNING: VIDEO database configuration is experimental.

It also seems like there are no errors while connecting to the database:

Viewmodes still checks a local file:
DEBUG: CDatabase: Connecting to database ViewModes at /home/roy/.xbmc/userdata/Database:

DEBUG: CDatabase: Connecting to database xbmc_video at

NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
DEBUG: thread start, auto delete: 0
DEBUG: Thread 3056597872 terminating
WARNING: ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not return information about unknown plug-in metadata.tvdb.com.'
DEBUG: Python wrapper library linked with internal Python library
DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Hash[tvshows,/home/roy/mnt/cap_e/TV Shows/]Big GrinB=[9647F43A33D837B14CB410EEFB4D3676],Computed=[9647F43A33D837B14CB410EEFB4D3676]
DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Finished dir: /home/roy/mnt/cap_e/TV Shows/
12:14:52 T:3007912816 M:1950359552 WARNING: ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not return information about unknown plug-in metadata.themoviedb.org.'
DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir '/home/roy/mnt/cap_movies/' due to no change
DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Hash[movies,/home/roy/mnt/cap_movies/]Big GrinB=[],Computed=[]
DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Finished dir: /home/roy/mnt/cap_movies/
NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00
INFO: Video scan was stopped or finished ... restoring FindRemoteThumbs
DEBUG: Thread 3007912816 terminating
DEBUG: GetZipList - Processing zip://%2fusr%2flocal%2fshare%2fxbmc%2fsystem%2fpython%2fpython24%2ezip/sitecustomize

And what means the errors:
unknown plug-in metadata.tvdb.com.'

I hope somebody knows what I am doing wrong...