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Full Version: Final issues
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I am down the point where I have only two basic issues on my XBMC system.

The system is XBMClive 9.11 running on an Asrock ION-330 Pro. It is controlled soley by TCPIP using the HTTP-API interace. Music and Videos are on an unRaid server sitting on the same subnet at 100 mbps. The output of XBMC is fed into an Anthem AVM-50v over HDMI at 1920x1060p60

My first issue has to do with music. I have a large collection of CD's ripped to FLAC format. If the CD was originally a stereo (two track) then XBMC plays it baxck fine. If however the CD was originaly a multichannel DTS CD (generally 5.1 channels) only white noise is procuced. I have seen this problem on my other system which is the Squeezebox Transporter by logitech, if I allow the Squeezebox to adjust the volume. If the Transporter volume and its server volume is set at 100% then the sound is perfect. I suspect it may be a similar issue. Does any one know of a solution to this problem?

The second issue is the inability to play the newer HD codecs that are on BR disks. I rip my BR disks with AnyDVD-HD and Clown BD. ending up with a standard BR container but missing the trailers and dire warnings. I also own a Dune player, and it has no trouble playing the newer codecs (True HD and DD MA)

Does anyone know of a solution to this issue.
How are these multichannel CDs compressed? Just plain .wav, or .dts?

Or did you decide to compress them again in .flac. The latter we don't handle.

IIRC I ripped them to wave (no compression) and then converted the wave to FLAC, which should reult in no compression once again. I am pretty sure the process should result in a bit for bit match to the original cd file. Wav is lossless since it applies no compression and Flac uses a lossless compression.

Any Help / advice appreciated