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Full Version: German IMDB scraper, please test it and give feedback
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ah okay thank you Big Grin

imdb is currently def the the best movie database
BurningSky Wrote:Download the .zip file from github.com (you can find the link in Eisbahn's signature) and install it like a normal addon (System --> Add-ons --> install from zip file/Aus ZIP Datei installieren).

ive tried it that way but it didnt work
do i need any other addons first in order to install a addon from zip?
i have downloaded the dharma addon file and in xbmc i then choosed install from zip -> locate the zip file and confirm
but after that addon is still not installed
Take a look at ~/.xbmc/addons/ is there a folder called metadata.imdb.de ? If not extract the zip file by hand.
hmm scraper doesnt work for me

it always crashes xbmc when adding a new source directory and looking up film informations for Dorm Daze 2 (2006) ... dont know why --> http://www.imdb.de/title/tt0458438/
all movies up to this are working fine but when retrieving informations for dorm daze 2 it crashes
maybe it doesnt like the film Smile

normal imdb scraper is working fine
Hi, i tested the Scraper, but now my movies are not alphabetic sorted.

I think many Movies show " as first Letter.
Hmm rating tag is broken here. ( i somehow get different numbers than the one from imdb.de, for example 9 Votes instead of 52.000 Votes for "8 Blickwinkel" and a wrong rating also of course)
I also don´t get any certification (Altersfreigabe) tag. Is that intentional?

Apart from that, great scraper Smile Will probably be the first integrated scraper I use, atm i still manage my library with ember media manager. would really be great to be able to manage everything inside xbmc.
Quote: Hi, i tested the Scraper, but now my movies are not alphabetic sorted.
It's a problem with the sorttitle.
It actually has this "..." format and is of course sometimes
different from the actual movie-title.

For a quick and dirty workaround just delete this from the imdb_de.xml
(the commentary of course doesn't matter)

<!--weitere/alternative Filmnamen außer Originaltitel (benötigt in $$5 alle in Frage kommenden Filmnamen)-->
            <RegExp input="$$5" output="&lt;sorttitle&gt;\1 \2&lt;/sorttitle&gt;" dest="4+">

after that everything is sorted alphabetically by the title again,
so that renaming also will work.
hey Wink

xbmc crashed bei dem versuch den content zu aktualisiern. direkt beim ersten video.
wäre super wenn du das updatest
This is an english forum. Wink
Hi folks,

sorry for being not present in the forum for the last weeks, but had a bad injury after a motorbike crash.
Think on the next days/weekend I will have time to check all the supported tags and release a new version which uses the common functions. Maybe you can install after that procedure the scraper straight forward from the original repository.


Dharma crashes because of the scraper

good betterment
Squizzy Wrote:Dharma crashes because of the scraper

good betterment

- what movie/filename?
- what versions and OS are you using?
- Link to Logfile on pastebin or similar <http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO_Submit_a_Proper_Bug_Report>

I remember crashes with older versions and special chars in filename...
Movie: Max Payne 2
XBMC: Dharma Beta
OS: Windows 7
  • Intel Q6600
  • 4GB DDR2 Ram
  • GeForce 250GTS
  • 1TB HDD

No Crashlog by XMBC, but Windows post something!


Hope that it helps you Smile
new version online: http://github.com/Eisbahn/IMDb_de-Scraper/zipball/3.0.5

But: still crashes (sometimes) of XBMC on some movies e.g.
Dod Sno (2009)
Dorm Daze 2 (2006)
Max Payne 2 (2008)
reported from several users.
XBMC Log shows "normal" working of the scraper and stops after some time (in the middle of scraping) . Some experienced programmer should have a look at this...

Regards, Eisbahn
is it possible to include the original tagline instead of the first sentence of the plot?
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