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Full Version: [Live] Revo Install Error (GRUB and prompt)
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Hey all. First post, long time xbmc user as a standalone app.

I just got a Revo 3610.

I put XBMC 9.11 repack Camelot edition (link from the download page) on a USB stick. I can boot form the USB, and it takes me to a GRUB prompt, saying to hit a button or it will auto boot.

If I hit a key, I get taken to a prompt asking me if I want to load Ubuntu 9.10 in regular or recovery mode.

Whether I hit a key or not, I get taken to a login, where I put in the xbmc user and password. I am now at a command line prompt. I was never prompter to install form the usb stick and I can't get XBMC to boot form it.

I searched the forums, but haven't found anyone with this problem.

I get the same thing.