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Full Version: Music skips 3 seconds before the end of most songs... why?
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I am running Camelot on an Acer AspireRevo and have had this problem for months. Right when a song is about to end there is sometimes a skip/pause that happens. It basically pauses for around 1.5 seconds and then continues the song. I don't have a problem with this... but it can be annoying when throwing parties.

Anyone else experience this same problem?
What might be causing it?
How can I fix it?
Anyone else having this problem?
First, don't bump your post same-day, much less within 2 hours.
Second, a debug log and other info would help See here
As a matter of fact I've just discovered I have the exact same problem Sad Strange,never noticed it before just now. It only appears to happen on longer tracks.
Do the stuff aenima99x said. It's most likely pulseaudio and/or crossfading.