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Full Version: Does this video sample play smoothly using VDPAU?
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I am having problems setting up my nVidia card or XBMC to allow the following mpg sample to playback smoothly.


I have followed all the instructions on the sticky forum thread and can playback 1080p H264 smoothly, but not any of my recorded 1080i TV (it's a DVB-T recording from MythTV).

I have an nVidia G210 card with 512Mb RAM, am using the latest nVidia drivers and a very recent SVN version of XBMC.

If you can play the sample smoothly can you please let me know what nVidia card you have, how much onboard RAM it has and what version of XBMC you are using. If not, that information might help as well.

Disable deinterlacing and it will play smoothly.

My system:
Nvidia ION with 512 MB ram
latest Nvidia driver version 195.36.24
XBMC PRE-10.5 r31114M
Disabling de-interlacing altogether doesn't really solve the playback problem because then I just see the awful interlacing comb everywhere.

However, there are definitely de-interlacing methods that did have smooth playback.

Unfortunately I rely on Auto, so I'll have to raise a ticket to see if the default interlacing method with VDPAU turned on can be changed.
I've changed the default interlacer to Temporal/Spatial (Half) and that seems to work fine - way better than the judder with Auto and the interlacing comb of None.