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Full Version: I have a XBMC Live install and would like to add a full linux distro
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I have a Revo that i already installed XBMC live to (its working fine) and now have decided i would like to add a linux distro (Ubuntu/pclinuxos) and dual boot it. Is this possible anymore or am i SOL.
Just look up any dual boot guide on the google and go for it.
Basically you can just install ubuntu on the same disk and the installer will do it for you. (If you read carefully on dont f-k it up)
The only issue you should have is that GRUB will set itself to boot the new last thing setup as the dafult. The OS entry for XBMC should be there, it just won't be the default. My preferred order for building multiboot machines is windows first, then any and all linux versions, with the caveat that the last linux system setup will be the Grub default. My Asrock ION has win XP64, Ubuntu 9.4 with Root login enabled, and XBMCLive 9.11. When it boots all the OS's are there and the default is XBMCLive

The nice thing about this layout is that I can always boot to Ubuntu or WinXP. If I boot to Ubuntu and login as root, I can open XBMCLive in "places" where it shows as a partition of the size I set it to, and change anything I want with no sudo necessary nor any hassles. I just save a copy of the the thing I am chaning into Ubuntu in my home directory so I can always put it back.