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Full Version: New nightlies - nfo files no longer loaded?
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I'm using the new nightly builds and they are working very well. Now I added some movies to my library yesterday, scraped them with Ember Media Manager. But in XBMC, when they are added to the library, the info seems to scrape in XBMC itself... poster and fanart are loaded as scraped in Ember, but movie information and movie title are not. I tried the official nightly r30898 as well as the unofficial r31103, same for both. Is there a way to make the nfo files work again?
Do you have another file called <movie file>.nfo by any chance? <movie file>.nfo now takes precedence over "movie.nfo".
Just checked, yes, I have 2 .nfo files in each movie folder, one "filename".nfo and one movie.nfo, but both have the correct title and movie information.
A 'me too' post: I'm having same problems:

No Debug Log -> No help.
Sorry, didn't read the sticky.

Anyway, here's the required debug log:


Edit: Whoops, log seems to be too long for pastebin, so here is the log starting just above the scan for the new items:


The new items are scanned near the end of the log, when XBMC is scanning the folder G:\Filme
G:\Filme\Die Insel
G:\Filme\Tropa De Elite
are the folders with the new items. As you can see, XBMC is ignoring the nfo as it states they are malformed. I'll post the nfo from the movie "Die Insel"/"The Island".


Would be great if someone could tell me, if something in the nfos has changed.
Quote:'Could not return information about unknown plug-in tmdb.xml.'

Your database appears screwed up - you should not have any references to tmdb.xml in there. Check the path table in your video database.

jmarshall Wrote:Your database appears screwed up - you should not have any references to tmdb.xml in there. Check the path table in your video database.


Thanks for your help jmarshall! I wanted to test if there was something wrong with my XBMC, as I had updated and gone back to previous versions (official nightlies as well as the unofficial ones) several times in the last weeks, so I just made a fresh install and now everything works perfectly normal again, the nfos are read without error.

The first time those errors appeared was after I had installed a nigthly build from sshcs.com, so maybe there was an error in one of those builds, but it stayed after updating with the official nightlies. Anyways, it works now, so everyone with the same problem could, at least as a last resort, just delete XBMC and make a fresh install.
If your db version was bumped up without the corrections being made to the scrapers then you'd get those errors, yeah.

Glad it's sorted - hopefully others will not have the same hassles Smile

I also have issues with the .nfo files (named movie.nfo) beeing ignored in recent nightlies. I'll check my log if I see simmilarities to Mikeschs log.
If I have the same issue, is there any chance to save parts of the DB somehow? Stuff like ratings, whatched flags etc.? Or might a export and reimport on a clean install work?
movie.nfo are ignored if you have a <moviename>.nfo file present. That is a completely different issue.

And yes, you can export your db to XML to save all your watched flags etc.

Hey Jonathan,
I read that <moviename>.nfo now takes precedence, but I only have movie.nfo, no file or moviename specific .nfo-files. So it mgiht be the same issue. I'll check that tonight. Thanks.
Seems I celebrated too early: after adding all my movies went well, I just wanted to add my tv shows. They all have the same folder structure:

X:\Serien\Show Name\Season X

and they have all been scraped before, some with sickbeard and some with Ember Media Manager. But just for one show (Vampire Diaries), the episodes are added, for all other, fanart, poster, show info etc. are loaded but not a single episode. Like i said, folder structure, nfo files etc. are all the same for each show.

Debug Log:

I also had to go in and reset the default scrapers from the settings screen after upgrading, so maybe try that.
OK, continuing in this thread by request from jmarshall:

Just tried completely clean XBMC directory, with no existing configuration or library data (starting XBMC in portable mode with -p). I.e. defaults are used, I only activated debug logging.

XBMC rev 31123 ignores the whole directory structure from which movies got scanned fine earlier. In each subdir, there is a movie.nfo and one or more video files 000001.ts, 0000002.ts etc.

Debug log: http://pastebin.ca/1885279

For reference, log from an old version (similarly in a fresh XBMC directory) doing the scan successfully: http://pastebin.ca/1885287

EDIT2: In addition to that really old revision above, also rev 30824 still seems to work. Something has broken after that.
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