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Full Version: Is Lircmap.xml allways necessary?
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i'm working on a Lirc-How-To (german).
Is the Lircmap.xml allways necessary or do we need it only in that case, the buttons in lirc.conf don't match the global Keymap.xml?

Looking at the keymap.xml strings http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Keymap.xml i would assume, that it would be enough, to name the buttons in lirc.conf just exactly like these strings.
So when pressing the "||" button on a remote (in irrecord) you just should name the button "pause" (like the button-string).
Or, to go a step further, rename the content of an existing lirc.conf, so it matches the button-strings from the Keymap.xml.

I know, that i have definetly to use the Lircmap.xml, when i want to use more buttons than listed in the wiki (with help of obc-codes).
we always need the mapping.
Thank you for your answer.