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Full Version: XBMC Eject DVD Tray button
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Hi All

Ive built a HTPC for my mate to use with XBMC. Is there a way to add an eject DVD tray button to the home screen on 9.11 Confluence skin. The reason behind this is that the ejct button on the BluRay drive does not line up with the external eject button on the Shuttle HTPC case essentialy making it useless unless you use a long screw driver. Its also going to be for family use so an eject button on the home screen would seriously help matters


I believe confluence already has an eject button.
Left bottom icon on home scren, next to fav and power.
I have a play button there but no eject tray button
Activate the play button. A menu pops up with Play, Eject/Load and Cancel.
Hey Crystal

I can only get that menu to pop up when theres no disc in the drive. If I have a disc in the drive when I press play it goes straight into playing the film. Is there a way to get the menu to show up while there is still a disk present?
I moved the thread to the Confluence forum, which seems more appropriate. I get the menu all the time, I don't know what causes this for you.

edit: your version is too old for that. I'm running the current dev version.
As CrystalP said newer versions post 9.11 have this

Post 9.11? as in one of the nightly builds?

If so whic version?
It was added in revision 26113
Excellent news mate thanks very much!

i'm running 9.11 on mac, and I don't have the eject option. There is no key mapped for "eject", as far as I saw. When I try to eject it from the mac while xbmc is still running, the disk would disappear but the tray wouldn't open, because xbmc is holding it tight...