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Full Version: [MOD] Anime Section
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This is a tiny mod to separate anime into it's own section on the home menu, for use in library mode. This button can have a custom background just like any other home section.

Much thanks to this thread for explaining how to hack the home menu.

It works by (behind-the-scenes) linking the "TV Series" button to a smart playlist that excludes all items with Genre=="Animation", and then sets up a new "Anime" button that displays all items tagged with Genre=="Animation".

Installation is slightly complicated in that you must also install a smart playlist along with the modified skin files.

Download the mod

To install, copy the "Confluence" folder in the zip over your Confluence folder in your skins folder (For me, that's in "F:\Program Files\XBMC\skin") and the playlists folder into your userdata folder (For me, "F:\Program Files\XBMC\userdata", but it might also be in your Documents and Settings folder, depending on how you installed XBMC)

Hopefully this works as well for anyone else as it does for me.
A nice start, but I've got a bit of a complaint. The issue is that, by grabbing anything tagged with Animation, you pick up a lot of stuff that isn't anime. For example, if I were to use this on my box, Family Guy and Futurama would also get put into Anime, and I don't think they should be there.
You can put all your anime in a folder named "anime" an make a playlists that displays items if the path to them contains "anime".

I've modded Confluence to integrate custom submenus in videos and i use this method to separate movies with PT audio from movies with EN audio.

In skin settings you define the label for the button and then point to the playlist you want.

If you're interested in the code, download my confluence mod from here

Look in SkinSettings.xml and Home.xml