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Full Version: Am I stupid?
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I updated my XBMC today and while I was looking at the forums and other files I thought I would check out the skins, I love this Confluence skin. But apparently it is supposed to come with xbmc as the default skin and this is not so, mine only came with PMH3.

It took me forever to track down a download, the 'usual places' do not have it and the XBMC does not provide a download link for this skin (and I can only presume this is because it is a 'default' skin), anyways, I found a download from http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-xbox-skins/ but the confluence I got from here doesn't work in XBMC, the name is greyed out in the skin selector and I don't have any experience working with or changing skins. I tried looking through the XBMC wiki as well and it doesn't seem to be of much help, so I am asking here. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!
At a guess I would say the version of xbmc you got was way too old post a link of where you got xbmc from thanks
At another guess your using the xbox version which does not come with confluence
The .rar I have says it is "2.0.1 FINAL-FAT-T3CH" and it was from *****. Also, I was fooling with the options in XBMC after I posted this and it says it requires a skin of 2.0 or greater, or something similar, it appeared only briefly.

Edit: Sigh, according to the website they're up to 9.xx or so? I'm downloading the "Live" platform of XBMC but I doubt it is for Xbox and other than 'the usual places' I have no idea where to get the most up-to-date version =/

Edit2: Yeah, I can only find more outdated versions of XBMC and the "Live" download is not for xbox.
We stopped supporting the xbox 18 months ago. You might want to pop over to the guys that handle xbmc4xbox.
In xbmc4xbox you'll find all you need, the build and the skin Smile
Ugh, how embarassing. It really shows how long I've been away from the scene. And how confusing for them to label that particular build as 'final', I assumed it was the latest because I knew support had been discontinued... bah. I got the newest build and confluence from that site you linked me to, wonderful. Looks beautiful.

One minor problem: When I add a source for video or otherwise, I first browse to it on that little side bar. Once I find it, though, none of the buttons or actions allow me to go down and click "Ok" to select the browsed folder. In order to add any of the sources I had enter the path manually through the on-screen keyboard, did I miss a trick or something?
In Browse for new share if you press right you jump to the scrollbar, right again takes you back to the list of shares, if you press left you jump down to OK and down again takes you to Cancel. Works good here.
Facepalm. That works perfectly, I'm glad my mistakes are so easily fixed, at least =x

Thanks very much!