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Full Version: AAC 6-channel (5.1) audio goes to wrong speakers
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I've searched the forum, but I never read any solutions; apparently this has been a bug in times passed, but it appears to have been resolved at those times....

I have the latest stable release of XBMC on a Snow Leopard Mac Mini (the new Mac Mini).

My problem is that XBMC seems to be mixing up the assignment of different channels, but only when playing AAC encoded 5.1. What should be center channel is being played from the left front channel. DVDs work fine, as does a file that has just a DTS passthrough for it's surround audio. I haven't been able to replicate the conditions of the problem in VLC, because all of these AAC files are crashing VLC. However, upon trying Plex Player, I've found that AAC surround works perfectly. I first installed XBMC on this machine a few days ago, but I've only noticed this issue recently.

Restarting didn't work. Using AppZapper to fully uninstall and then reinstalling didn't work.

If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.
I find that I have to switch my amp to another source then back again and it fixes a similar problem.
Thanks for the response, but switching sources makes things more complicated for me, as the Mac reverts to internal audio if you switch sources while an audio source is playing. What's more, doing what you suggested yielded no results.
[UPDATE]: I am thinking that my receiver simply can't decode AAC (it's an Onkyo TX-SR806), however this could only be the case if the "babylon" stable release for the original Xbox somehow transcoded AAC to AC3 (or a comparable digital format), because I have a file that works fine on my old setup with the Xbox, but doesn't work on my new Mac. Does anybody know if the Babylon for Xbox release transcoded to AC3 automatically?

Anyway, I am aware that transcoding AAC to AC3 will be available in the next stable release, so I guess I'll just have to hold out until then.