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Full Version: 2 Libraries???
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This is going to be hard to get accross but I'm going to try. I'm new to modding a skin, *extremely*, new. I'm using confluence.

I successfully added a button to my home menu. "Kids Movies". Although I'm having trouble getting to point where I'd like it to go, so I took another route. Just for testing puposes I added a sub-menu to "Videos" named "Kids movies" and I did get that to point where I needed it to.

All of my files are stored on a NAS and are accessed through SMB shares.

I have a SMB share "Movies" for *my* movies of which I have "set content" and I view in library mode.

I have another SMB share called "Kids Movies".

My goal was to add a button or menu on the home screen that would says kids movies and have that point to my kids movies share and when you click on it it could bring up all the kids movies in beautiful library mode. But every time I "set content" and use the scrapers. all of the kids movies are populated in *my* movies list.

Is it possible to have 2 or more libraries? Or am I going about this unintelligently?

Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense I've been up all night trying to figure this out.

Thanks in advance.
This could be a start (all the general principles apply), execept I have never tried to make a skin button that runs the loadprofile builtin.
Maybe we could together find out if that's possible and sort it out once and for all Smile
Make a new profile, i.e. Kids

Then, make sure to enable the Login Screen in settings.

I have just read your entire thread you linked me to. It's clever but wouldn't work in my instance. I'm using XBMC on AppleTV. I can't map any buttons.

< I just paused and thought about that for 2 minutes >.

Perhaps that would be a brilliant idea in my case. See I'm always worried about giving my kid the remote, for fear he'll either screw something up or, get lost in the menu's and not know what to do. So, perhaps creating a second profile the contains only kids movies in a beautiful library mode with posters, fanart, etc. and removing all other buttons from his home menu (e.g. Settings, Scripts, Videos etc.) would help him to navigate and allow me to have a little peace of mind.

I'll look in to mapping a remote button for the AppleTV to switch between user profiles.

In the meantime I still am going to try and solve the real issue at hand here, 2 libraries.

I've considered using smart playlists to separate out the kids movies from my movies but I havent been able to get it to work properly. I've tried everything:

Include files whose: *path* contains *kids*

doesn't work for me.

I'm going to try adding a profile today. I'm using confluence skin so it will vary from your other post, and I will have to figure out how to switch between profiles using the Apple TV remote.

I still want to see it on the home screen, As you said "structured and shiny".
Create a playlist with PATH CONTAINS "Kids Movies" and use this code to point to that playlist

PHP Code:

kids.xsp is the name of the playlist.

here's mine for guidance:

PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
    <rule field="path" operator="contains">disney pixar POR</rule>
itstonye Wrote:I'll look in to mapping a remote button for the AppleTV to switch between user profiles.
I still want to see it on the home screen, As you said "structured and shiny".
If we figure out if the loadprofile command can be run from a skin element (which I am not sure about, but logic dictates it should), then mapping becomes irrelevant and the homescreen would only have be "hacked" to include a shortcut to the profile.

Of course the easy method is to enable the login screen, just not neat enough for me (play with it, you will have to judge for yourself).

I was able without any prior skinning knowledge to add a link to the Kids profile from home and switch to it via that button by combining these 2 threads in like 5 minutes.
did you add a button to the home menu that linked to the kids "profile". If so can you run me through what you've done. I've been to both of those posts and read everything on it. I too was able to add a "Kids" button to the home menu but it only takes me to a smart playlist that I've setup and I'm not happy about it.

Can you post your code or your steps to achieving this?
If you managed to add the button already and are satisfied with it, just assign the appropriate onclick action to it
Where Kids=profilename.

You then have the option to add another button to switch back, or run another skin (or another instance of Confluence) for the Kids profile if you wanna be fancy about it.
I did get it to work properly. Thanks for all your help. I'm sorry I couldn't contribute much.